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Top 6 warning signs you are not making self-care a priority in your life:

Your relationships are suffering.

You feel like nothing is your fault and the world is against you.

You're experiencing extreme fatigue and/or insomnia.

You have mental fog that won't go away - affecting your productivity.

You depend on addictive substances like coffee, alcohol, and caffeine just to get through the day.

You're gaining weight rapidly.

Welcome to the
Epic-Self Care Challenge

22 Days of Putting Yourself First

What Epic Self-Care participants are saying.

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"In 2021, I left my medical device sales job of eleven years. The stress of the pandemic, and uncertainty of my future, had swallowed me up in a deep fog of grief. The career that once brought me so much joy and stability was gone. I felt lost and empty, and needed to take some time off to heal.  Shortly after making that decision, I was introduced to Melissa Blynn, founder of Epicluv. Melissa’s mission is based on cultivating self-love, freedom and purpose around one’s mental, physical and emotional well-being. I was immediately sold on her passion for being of service and wanted to work with her. Melissa provides a safe container for her clients and gives you all the tools and resources to get positive results.  After a year of working with Melissa, I can confidently say that I have shifted in the right direction."

What to Expect
The Epic Self-Care Curriculum

Week 1: Cultivating an Epic Mind

Learn how to create a daily plan centered on mindfulness to better respond instead of react to life circumstances. 

Identify the Core Desired Feelings (CDF) you want to achieve for your mental well-being. 

Choose from a list of 9 suggested Mind Habits and 10+ Resources to craft your daily Epic Mind routine.

Use a habit tracker and journal to account and reflect on the new habits and behaviors you are practicing. 

Week 2: Cultivating an Epic Body

Begin to carve out time to tend to your physical garden.

Learn how to begin making fitness a habit in connection with your Core Desired Feelings.

Get tips for starting where your body needs tofocusing on sustainable rituals, not short-term wins.

Choose from a list of 9 suggested Body Habits and 15 Resources to craft your daily Epic Body routine.

Week 3: Cultivating an Epic Soul

Learn the 4 life-shifting benefits you get by listening to your soul.

Identify the soul-centered Core Desired Feelings you would like to evoke every day. 

Learn new habits and rituals that you might have never tried before like PEW writing, breathwork, and daily gratitudes. 

Combine and reflect on all Epic Self Care rituals throughout each week for soul reflection and evaluation. 

Ongoing: How to Reward Yourself

Throughout the entire 22-day program you will learn the importance of rewarding yourself along the way and not just when a final goal is achieved. 

Learn about the Positive Feedback Loop and the integral role it plays on continuing your self-care rituals. 

Ignite the 3 R's of Habit Formation in your own life and future-proof the rituals that you will practice throughout the program and beyond.

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6 Videos Covering the Habits & Rituals Discussed Each Week

4 Weekly Virtual Checkins

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About Melissa Blynn

CEO and Founder, Melissa Blynn, fused her passion for health, wellness, and nutrition with her innate drive to help others to create EpicLuv. She has led hundreds of clients through customized, research-backed holistic lifestyle and nutrition coaching programs dedicated to helping women and men take accountability for their lives and find a life filled with love, freedom, and purpose.

As a featured motivational speaker, corporate wellness leader, and previous non-profit executive, Melissa shares insights from her decades-worth of training in nutrition, NLP, natural medicine, and physical fitness to audiences across the country through her

1 on 1 coaching services and acclaimed Epic group programs.

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